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Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement
Notre Dame de la Baie Academy, as an educational ministry of the Roman Catholic Church, 通过培养每个学生的基督教信仰来教育整个人, 致力于服务和充分发挥学术潜力的关怀, safe, diverse, Church community committed to the common good.

Vision Statement


NDA’s education challenges students to grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, 在道德上,为了承担领导责任,为他们的大学和生活做好准备.


圣母大学的多元化社区强调,信仰呼唤每个人的责任,照顾他人的才华被发现, applied, and shared for the common good in careers, communities and family life, as well as on the road to eternal life with God.  

Notre Dame Academy Core Values
Compassion, Forgiveness, Love of the Lord
As a ministry to young people, NDA拥抱并挑战每一个学生的信仰之旅,因为他们经历了一个支持的天主教基督教社区, 教育和挑战他们通过祷告看到上帝在他们生命中的存在, reflection, friendships, Sacrament and service.

信心是所望之事的确据,是未见之事的见证.” – Hebrews 11:1

Inquiry, Study, Mastery
Students at NDA learn skills, study content, 了解他们知识和能力增长的背景, and learn the relationship between faith and knowledge. 教师和员工都是持续不断的学习者,他们了解学生的需求和能力,并使用教学工具为学生准备大学和世界.

因为从前所写的,都是为教训美高梅游戏官方写的, 叫美高梅游戏官方借着忍耐和圣经的鼓励,可以有指望.” – Romans 15:4

Politeness, Tolerance, Justice
Students, faculty and staff at NDA value the ideas, perspectives, 别人的经验和分享,在世界学习,为社会的好处. Each person’s human dignity is valued, 学生是为了他或她对整个社区经验的贡献.

“Love one another with mutual affection; anticipate one another in showing honor." – Romans 12:10

Accountability, Excellence, Self-Restraint
Students, 教职员工通过信仰来应对环境, service and personal accountability. 他们主动通过学习和与他人的观点进行对话,使情况变得更好.

“When I was a child, I used to talk as a child, think as a child, reason as a child; when I became a man, I put aside childish things.” – I Corinthians 13:11

Caring, Charity, Citizenship
Students, 与教会合作,为有需要的人服务,为社区的成长和生活服务. 在NDA的服务是一个更深入了解世界需求的学习机会. 服务提供了一种共享的活动,把来自不同背景的学生聚集在一起,为一个共同的目标.

有求你的、就给他。有向你借钱的、不可推辞.” – Matthew 5:42

Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Promise-Keeping
Students, NDA的教职员工可以相互信任,互相关心, 并本着基督徒的爱,以他人所希望的方式对待他人.

“Show yourself as a model of good deeds in every respect, with integrity in your teaching, dignity and sound speech that cannot be criticized.” – Titus 2:7

A Profile of the Notre Dame Academy Graduate
美高梅游戏官方的教育为学生的生活的各个方面做准备:宗教方面, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and physical.

  • NDA graduates are inquisitive, accomplished, 发现他们的天赐职业,意识到他们的才能在未来必须应对的挑战.
  • NDA graduates demonstrate that they are hardworking, prayerful, diligent, 通过参与NDA社区和他们所服务的社区进行合作和协作.
  • NDA graduates are involved in, and care for, the community in which they live, work and grow in the spirit of Christian charity.
  • NDA graduates are aware of how God created them to love, to serve, to lead and to model God’s goodness in all they do.
  • NDA毕业生敬畏上帝,敬畏他人,敬畏内在生长的圣灵.
  • NDA graduates practice a healthy, vigorous lifestyle caring for themselves and others, 帮助建立一个基于福音书所衍生出的道德愿景的社会.
  • NDA graduates are prepared for college and for life.

Our Life as a Community
作为一所天主教高中,它是在诺伯廷修女会和圣. Joseph Carondelet, 美高梅游戏官方组成的美高梅游戏官方社区是对上帝创造美高梅游戏官方的认可,也是对美高梅游戏官方作为一个群体走向上帝的旅程的认可. 

美高梅游戏官方在精神上成长时,美高梅游戏官方一起为彼此的发展和个人转变而工作, intellectually, morally, socially and emotionally through our shared learning, service, recognition of our differences and our similarities, and growth in love for one another.

Through ongoing dialogue, intellectual challenge and education in the faith, NDA社区滋养了学校成员之间的交流礼物. Our regular celebration of the Sacraments, 慈善事业和为正义而工作激发了美高梅游戏官方对共同生活的憧憬.

美高梅游戏官方和修女们以及诺伯廷姐妹们都认为美高梅游戏官方更加团结了, and we are on our way to our future, and to God. Together, 当美高梅游戏官方在与耶稣基督的关系中成长时,美高梅游戏官方在生活中拥抱福音的维度.

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